.the blue velvet chair.

You’re alone.

Someone told me the other day.

I was sat sobbing curled in a worn blue velvet chair.

This was my third time in his office.

A counselor, was I really that messed up.

You don’t look as happy as you used to.

He spoke carefully and calmly.

Stop making others happy.

You’re ruining yourself.

Would that make others happy if they saw what you where doing?

Be Grace.

Not little miss perfect, in front of your parents.

Be the person you want to be now.

Say what you want.

Because I know you are strong.

These were the words I needed to hear.

The bell rang.

I left.

I spoke my mind.

I was shot down.

I was told it was my fault.

I was yelled at.

The next day I was back in the blue velvet chair.





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